Trash Ordinances Petitioned

joco petition picGRANTS PASS, Ore. — Some Josephine County residents want to overturn new ordinances that would require homeowners to clean up excess trash and waste on their properties.

The County Commissioners passed several ordinances last month that changed rules about code enforcement complaints, and created a new officer to enforce those rules. It included new guidelines about solid and hazardous waste.

Friday, a group of citizens dropped off a petition at the County Clerk’s office, asking that the issue be put to a vote in November.

“We’re opposed to the whole thing,” said petitioner Jack Swift. “And as we got the word out to the constituents out here, we said, we ought to have a vote on this.’

The petitioners have gathered about 1,600 signatures so far. They say they need a little more than 1,300 of them validated in order to get the issue on the November ballot.