Transient Presence in Downtown Ashland

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Many gather in the Ashland Plaza at all times of the day. Some transients say they try to be respectful of the people who work downtown and those passing-by on their way to different destinations in the city.

It’s at night though, when the commotion in the plaza starts getting loud. One local band member who frequents the plaza says, at night, it turns into a big party and there is medical and recreational marijuana being used. Lately he’s even seen meth being pulled out, but while the marijuana is acceptable to the homeless and transient community, the meth is not.

Charles Coyde-Toney, a local musician who frequents the plaza says, “If there was a situation where that was to happen, then I think everyone around would say ‘that’s not okay, take that somewhere else, you should go away.’”

Ashland police also have deputies on duty at all hours of the day who make sure the plaza and other areas of Ashland are safe and drug-free. Even though medical marijuana has been legalized in the state, it is still illegal to smoke on public property.

Chief Deputy Corey Falls says they have had issues with the plaza in the past. If people are cited multiple times for any type of law violation they can be banned from the city.