Trail Running Trip in Southern Oregon

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NEAR GALICE, Ore. — Avid runners call it a gem of Oregon. People not only from Southern Oregon but from California and Chicago are taking the Last Trail Running Trip with the company Orange Torpedo trips. In fact, most people who sign up for this trip are from the East Coast.

It’s not too often you find a trail running trip like this. The company says Rogue River trail offers not only scenic views, but it offers places where you can stay and rest.

“It’s a good place for solitude, lots of mining history out there,” says Vic Harris from Orange Torpedo Trips. “There’s old mining tailings, old cabins we go through.”

“Especially one that’s point to point that you can stop at lodges and have someone bring your own food,” he continues. “In fact, a lot of trail runs have loops or you have to stay in one certain lodge.”

Runners take three days to finish the trail.

“Nine miles first day, about 14 the second day and 20 on the third day, which is pretty tough.”

Alongside the runners, a raft is traveling on the river. The raft takes their belongings like clothes food and water. The river guide on the raft makes sure he goes the same speed as the runners. For many runners the experience brings them back every year.

“It’s perfect, in fact, we’ve had some complaints it’s not far enough,” says runner Matt Cox. “So we’re like, you can run down and back if you want.

The trail running trip will last three days. The group will finish at Foster Bar and then catch a ride back to Grants Pass.