Trail Hikers Boost Local Business

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NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — Hikers heading toward Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail are making their way through our area this weekend. More than 800 hikers registered to hike the trail this year, which is many more than last year.

Callahan’s Mountain Lodge near Ashland served as a stopping point for several hikers. Lodge employees say they’ve seen more international hikers pass through this year.

Last year’s bad weather pushed Pacific Crest Trail hikers away. This year’s good weather boosted the number of those making the trek from Mexico to Canada.

One hiker hopes to make it to Canada’s border by September. She’s looking forward to good weather and a stop at Crater Lake.

“Hiking in the heat is not my favorite thing to do but it’s cooler here than it is back home,” said hiker Anne Tully.

Callahan’s Mountain Lodge employees are stocking up to feed the large groups of hot and hungry hikers.