Traffic Crash on Thanksgiving Day

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NEAR TALENT, Ore. — Police are looking for a hit and run suspect after the driver rammed a Yreka family off the road, causing a rollover crash.

Police say a white van rear-ended a maroon Subaru on I-5 on Thursday afternoon, leaving an imprint on the back of that car that could get the driver caught.

A Yreka man and his 80-year-old mother were headed to Rogue River for Thanksgiving. Just after 12:30 p.m., at exit 21 near Talent on I-5, another driver also heading north hit the Subaru, driving at least 80 miles per hour.

Oregon State Police say that impact pushed the Subaru into the median, rolling over several times. Police say both passengers were able to walk away from the crash unharmed because they were both wearing seat belts.

The driver of the white van drove away without stopping. Officers say it’s either a ford Winstar or a Dodge Caravan. Its license plate stamped the back of the car. Police cut off the bumper of the Subaru with the imprint.

Officers think it’s a California plate with the last three digits of 5 1 0. It will have some front end damage. Contact OSP with any information.