Trader Joe’s Opens In Medford

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MEDFORD, Ore. ā€“ There’s a new and highly anticipated grocery store in Medford. Trader Joe’s opened it’s doors today to a long line of eager shoppers. Early this morning eager folks waited outside the doors listening to a live band play jazz music and a city official event helped celebrate.

Employees let the customers in after the store manager cut the lei. The store quickly filled up with customers and the shopping carts quickly filled up with food. Lots of shoppers NewsWatch12 spoke with said they have been traveling to other cities to shop at Trader Joe’s and now that the store has opened here, it’s much more convenient. Shoppers also said they’ve been waiting many years for this day to arrive.

ā€œI have people telling me 12 years, 14 years, the average seems to be about 9 years but everybody says its worth the wait, and despite how busy we are, people are just having a great time shopping,ā€ said Store Manager Michael Daniel.

Shoppers say they love Trader Joe’s specifically for its specialty items and for the natural aspect of the products. Most of the store’s products are Trader Joe’s private label brand.