Town Hall in California Gets Heated

town hall(CNN) — More undocumented immigrants could arrive in a Southern California town tomorrow. This comes after a week of protests involving the Federal government’s plan to haul undocumented immigrants to a town near the U.S./Mexico border.

The latest protest happened outside a packed town hall meeting last night. Murrieta is one of the processing points for the immigrants from Central America. The government is moving undocumented immigrants there, from overcrowded facilities in Texas.

In the town hall one attendant said, “This is an invasion. Why is the National Guard not out there stopping them from coming in?” The Mayor of Murrieta, Alan Long, responded to these claims, “This is admittedly a nationwide problem and little ol’ Murrieta has taken the lead in getting change.”

Earlier this week, a wall of protesters blocked the entrance to a border patrol station. It forced buses carrying more than 100 undocumented immigrants to turn around.