Towing Companies Slammed with Calls

Towing CompaniesMEDFORD, Ore. — The icy conditions is forcing drivers to abandon their vehicles on the side of the road.

But it’s not because towing companies want to leave cars stranded. Companies like Dick’s Towing are catching up on dozens of calls since Friday. Unless it’s an emergency, police do not want towing companies to block traffic getting those cars out of the ditch. Employees are waiting till the roads get better or until fewer cars are on the road to the vehicles out.

“Other tow companies in the valley I’ve talked to other ones and they’re just as bad. They’re pretty backed up. There’s just not much you can do,” explained Dick’s Towing Company manager, William Aney.

Dick’s Towing Company has most of its employees working since Friday and drivers have been putting in 14 hour days without taking breaks.

Law enforcement officials say they understand drivers are having a difficult time on the roads. They will be understanding and not give a ticket if the driver loses control of their vehicle and ends up in a ditch.