Tough Break for Job Hopefuls at Fires

Big Windy JobsNEAR MERLIN, Ore. — The Big Windy Complex isn’t just getting attention because of the fire activity.

Crews at the fire’s command post say it’s also attracting a lot of job applications. According to security officers, the camp sees about two or three people every day looking for jobs.

Usually manual labor or camp cleanup work, but officials say while they appreciate the sentiment, there isn’t much they can do. Jobs have to be filled and training has to be completed before fire season begins.

“These aren’t jobs that you can just walk in and apply for. You have to go through a process. And that process is either through an agency or through a contracting company,” said Lucinda Nolan, the Information Officer at Big Windy Complex.

Most of the jobs around camp are filled by contract crews, but officials say they do hire a number of local drivers each year to move people and supplies. Those positions are usually filled locally. Officials say if you want to apply for next season, go to usajobs.gov.