Tornadoes Rip Through Texas

**UPDATE** (5/17)

NEAR FORT WORTH, Texas — A severe weather outbreak took place across portions of northern Texas Wednesday evening. The tornado count has now risen to 16 confirmed tornadoes, all occurring just west of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Meteorologists are currently undergoing damage assessments to determine the strengths of these twisters and have declared two among the 16 as an EF3 and EF4.

The one mile wide EF4 tornado ripped through Granbury, Texas with wind speeds in excess of 164 mph. It caused significant damage, wiping homes clear off their foundation, killing six and injuring dozens. South of Fort Worth, the EF3 tornado caused 8.5 miles of destruction and had a peak wind speed of roughly 140 mph.

This information is still preliminary and it’s possible the strengths change and death toll rises as data continues to be collected and surveying continues.