sousnowfinalsCheck back often for the most up to date information on area school closures, delays, and snow routes:


Hanby Middle School (Central Point)

Three Rivers School District

Rogue River School District

Vineyard Christian School

Butte Falls Schools

Sunny Wolf Charter School

Oregon Child Development Coalition

New Hope Christian School


Brighton Academy – 1 Hour Delay

Central Point Schools – 2 Hour Delay

Eagle Point School District – 1 Hour Delay and no A.M. Kindergarten

Grants Pass School District 7 – 2 Hour Delay

Ashland School District – 1 Hour Delay

Phoenix/Talent School District – 2 Hour Delay


Central Point School District

Medford School District

Sutherlin School District


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  1. karley slocum says:

    there is school in Medford bad noose to me

  2. Alice says:

    Any news on Three Rivers School District?

  3. John Luerding says:

    Daughter got notice Three River’s School… I.V. is closed tomorrow

  4. Tyler says:

    Why is Ashland delayed 1 hour and Talent 2 hours? Ashland’s roads are far worse. Not even drivable. Talent’s roads are clear.

  5. Merri says:

    Eagle point????

  6. Merri Wright says:

    what about Eagle Point?????

  7. anna says:

    how are the buses going to drive on the ice? I think Ashland and talent should be closed because they are both on the freeway and both same conditions about the buses. I’m not going to have my child on the bus knowing it could slide. Central point is just as bad as the rest.

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