Thunderstorms & Still Hot Today

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Today will be the last triple digit day for west side valleys and near record breaking highs for the east side and areas of Siskiyou county before we start a cool down. Tomorrow will be cooler but still unseasonably warm with low-90s for west side valleys and upper-80s for east side locations. The thunderstorm threat returns this afternoon through the evening with most activity happening where it did yesterday, in Klamath, Lake and Sikiyou counties, but isolated thunderstorms could develop on the west side. The thunderstorm potential will push east for the Fourth of July with any storms forming in Lake and Modoc counties.

Expecting to see perfect conditions for fireworks viewing tomorrow evening with mostly clear skies and warm temperatures. Fireworks won’t be the only thing going up tomorrow, fire danger level will climb to ‘high.’ You can find what regulations will go into effect at midnight on the ODF website. Remember that the use of fireworks on forestlands is still prohibited, but you may want to avoid using any fireworks this year with these hot and dry conditions. If you choose to use fireworks have a water bucket handy to put out any sparks, and throw your firework in water at the end for extra precaution.

If you’re headed out camping, know there are limitations to campfires. When choosing your campfire site avoid areas near buildings, fallen trees and low branches. Scrape litter and leaves at least five feet away from the fire site. Drown the campfire and surrounding area to make sure all embers are out and make sure the coals are no longer hot.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry