Thunderstorms Forcing People Indoors

Thunderstorms force people indoorsGRANTS PASS, Ore. – Thunderstorms rolling into Southern Oregon forced people indoors and out of the elements Wednesday.

All of the smoke that has choked much of the Rogue Valley made it almost impossible to see the storm was coming. But when people began to hear thunder, they headed inside.

Many golfers at the Grants Pass Golf Club elected to cut their rounds short and headed to the clubhouse, instead of playing in the thunderstorm.

“I was on hole nine and I was playing with one of my friends, and we heard some thunder and lightning and I was like, OK, let’s finish the hole and let’s get out of here,” said golfer Robert Galli. “The smoke was out, too, so I was like, we’ve got to get out of here.”

People in Grants Pass said they had hoped the thunderstorms would bring enough wind to blow away much of the smoke that has blanketed the region for more than a week. At the same time, they hoped there would not be much lightning to spark more fires.

“The smoke was as bad as it’s ever been,” said Martin Connelly.