Thunderstorms Again Wednesday

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Today was the hottest day of the heat wave. Highs exceeded 100 degrees from the West Side Valleys to the East Side. Klamath Falls broke a record for a third day in a row, hitting 101! That MUST be close to an all-time record high.

Triple digit temperatures are going to continue into Wednesday for the West Side Valleys and record breaking highs are still in the forecast for the East Side tomorrow as well. On the 4th, temperatures will then begin to decline, but ever so slightly.

The moisture is still present in the air, after the extremely humid day Monday. This moisture though is mostly in mid-levels. This is allowing for thunderstorm development. A band of thunderstorms to the south will most likely march further north into the viewing area. All areas are looking at thunderstorm possibilities with the exception of the Coast. Chances for thunderstorms will continue into Wednesday.

With the available moisture, it’s likely that heavy rain falls, hail and also strong winds. However, with the dry conditions currently, a fire will not be difficult to spark. This will especially be of concern as thunderstorms are beginning to move in, prior to rainfall.

Into Friday and the weekend, hot and dry weather will persist but afternoon shower and thundershower activity will then dwindle down. Highs will be slightly cooler.


Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese