Three UO Hoops Players Accused of Rape

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EUGENE, Ore. — Three University of Oregon basketball players are the subject of a rape investigation detailed in a police report released by the Eugene Police Department on Monday night. On Monday morning, before the report was released, Oregon announced that the three players, Damyean Dotson, Dominic Artis, and Brandon Austin “are not currently participating in any team activities.” You can read the report here. Warning: the report contains graphic descriptions of the alleged rape.

The report says the alleged rape was in the early morning hours of March 9. The unnamed victim says she and a friend went to a party, where she and her friend were separated. The victim says she had been drinking before and during the party. The report says the victim was then led into a bathroom by Brandon Austin and Damyean Dotson. She says the two touched her and penetrated her, both vaginally and orally. The report says the victim told police she was saying no. She says this lasted a few seconds and the three were in the bathroom for about five to ten minutes. The report says the Austin, Dotson and Dominic Artis then pulled her into a bathroom a second time, where they had her perform oral sex on them. The victim then met up again with her friend. As they were outside trying to leave, the report says Austin grabbed the victim’s arm and all four, plus another man, got into an Oregon Taxi. They went to Artis’s apartment. All of them went into the apartment where Austin, Artis and Dotson penetrated the victim again. The unidentified person watched, but never got involved. The report says the victim started crying and that’s when everything stopped. In a separate report, Artis and Dotson told police all the sexual activity was consensual. EPD says the Lane County District Attorney’s Office never filed any charges. UO President Michael Gottfredson issued this statement Monday night:

“We are deeply concerned about information contained in the police report recently released by the Eugene Police Department. Federal laws that protect the privacy of all students preclude the university from commenting about students. However, the university takes allegations of misconduct very seriously. In addition, a full range of services and support are offered to students, including those required by Title IX and others beyond the requirements of Title IX. The university has established internal conduct processes for handling misconduct allegations. At this point, we ask that you please respect these processes and student privacy.”