Three Suspects Caught After Car Chase

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. —  A high speed car chase between White City and Eagle Point ended with three suspects running from a crashed stolen car on Tuesday evening. Several agencies including Central Point Police, Eagle Point Police, Jackson County Sheriffs Department, and Oregon State Police responded and the suspects did not get far before law enforcement arrested them.

The chase started on avenue A in White City, moved to Antelope Road and continued down Bingham Brown Road before the car crashed at near the corner of Bingham Brown and Alta Vista Road near the Eagle Point Golf Course.

The pursuit began tonight after a Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy tried to make a traffic stop in White City of a stolen car. The three suspects inside were considered armed since that car was stolen out of Central Point on Monday and had a rifle inside it. Deputy Scott Waldon said after the vehicle was stopped he tried to approach it and that is when it sped off headed eastbound.

The car then traveled down Bingham Brown Road and eventually crashed. The three suspects in the vehicle then fled the scene on foot, and one was immediately caught by Eagle Point police officers.

The other two suspects were captured with the help of police dogs shortly after the crash hiding in a nearby neighborhood.

“It could have gotten a lot worse. it could have ended a lot worse than it did end up. all we have is some property damage to the stolen vehicle and we got all three suspects in custody which is what we like to see,” said Deputy Waldon.

Law enforcement has not yet released the names of those three suspects.