Three Rivers District Wants Extra Deputy

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GRANTS PASS,  Ore. — Three  Rivers School District is asking for some of the $4.6 million from the federal timber payment extension. The district says it would like to hire an extra deputy during school hours.

Superintendent Dan Huber-Kantola, says the sheriff and Oregon State Police are the only two resources available to help for any school incident at the moment. Last school year, there were 29 incidents involving drugs and alcohol.  Plus,  several times a year, Huber-Kantola says the schools receive reports of possible intruders on campus.

Josephine County commissioners  say to maintain the current level of services, the county needs $3.7 million from the payment extension. After that, commissioners will have to decide where the rest of the dollars will be spread out. Opening up jail beds and re-hiring deputy district attorneys and probation officers are on the table.

“Frankly, what I’m looking for, what the board is looking for, is looking for the bottlenecks so it’s run as efficiently as possible even though it’s really inadequate for what we’re trying to do,” says Hare.

The commissioners plan to meet on Wednesday to finalize the budget plan.