Three Intentional Fires in Medford

Bs6uSfDCEAAefwQMEDFORD, Ore. — Three more intentional fires were set downtown Medford early Saturday morning. Around 8 a.m. two fires were ignited in an alleyway near the intersection of Franquette and 12th Street.

Around that same time smoke was seen coming from another fire about a block away near a warehouse. The alley fires were put out by people passing by.

Medford Fire and Rescue extinguished the one by the warehouse. Fire investigators say these fires could be linked to the string of arson fires because of shared similarities.

“They all seem to be happening near fences, near structures, using nearby fuels like dry grass, dry combustible materials like paper or plastic products,” said Chase Browning, the Fire Investigator with Medford Fire and Rescue. Medford Police is still investigating the case. Anyone with information is encouraged to call 9-1-1.

Fire crews were called out around 9:30 a.m. Saturday to another incident on East McAndrews. Four fire engines and 12 crew members were part of that call. Investigators don’t know at this point if this one is related to the others, but they are still calling it suspicious.

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  1. AManApart says:

    Medford police need to do an alley by alley sweep noting hazard areas & telling owner/renter to clear it off.

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