Three Arrested for Home Invasion Robbery

MEDFORD, Ore. – Two men have been arrested after invading a home and fleeing with an estimated $2,000 worth of property.

On Monday, Medford police responded to a home invasion robbery in the 600 block of Berrydale Avenue. The 20-year old male victim who lives at the residence left the house to give a female friend a ride. While gone, another female friend who had stayed at the house, answered the door to two men who ordered the female to the ground. One of the suspects had his face covered and appeared to be holding a sawed off shotgun.

The men then entered the house after taking the females cell phone, and proceeded to steal an HP laptop, a Samsung tablet, and a safe which contained a Sig Sauer .22 caliber pistol and cash.

Detectives were able to identify both 24-year old suspects as Russell Reedy and Duanne Weakly, Medford transients, and track them down. Both men had outstanding felony warrants for unrelated matters and admitted to taking part in the robbery, claiming it was a result of their heroin addiction. The only item recovered of the stolen property was the Samsung tablet.

Also after questioning, detectives learned the female who asked the home resident for a ride, was involved in the robbery. She had done so in an effort to get the resident out of the house and let the suspects know who was still in the house. The female suspect was arrested and identified as 16-year old Austyn Yroz-Atnip.