Thousands Still Without Power

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CAVE JUNCTION, Ore .РSnow continued to fall in Josephine County Saturday leaving those who are already without power searching for a place to warm up. As of Saturday evening, more than 7,000 residents of Jackson and Josephine Counties are still without power.

“You don’t realize how much you miss that first hot cup of coffee in the morning when you get up and there’s no power and you can’t get a hot cup of coffee,” said Cave Junction resident Ron Robertson as he sat with his wife Carolyn at a warming center set up by the Red Cross.

The Robertsons have been without power since late Thursday night and tried to stay as warm as they could Friday, but Saturday, they said had to find a place to warm up.

“We live in a mobile, we don’t have a wood stove we had no heat. It was 54 yesterday in our mobile, today it’s 50,” said Carolyn.

The Robertsons say they’ve seen worse snow storms hit southern Oregon, but have never lost power for very long at all.

“We’ve had brief power outages but nothing even close to this,” said Ron.

Red Cross volunteer Virginia Roth says they opened the warming shelter at the Immanuel United Methodist Church Friday night and are happy to supply a hot drink, warm meal, and even a warm place to spend the night.

“We have 17 people that have stopped by today. We’re a warming shelter as well as an over night shelter,” said Roth.

The Robertson say they know there are people much worse off than they are and are ready to lend a helping hand themselves.

“We’re just standing by and helping anyone we can help,” said Carolyn.

In a statement on their web site, Pacific Power says they hope to have power restored to the majority of customers sometime on Sunday and power restored to everyone by Monday.