Thousands of Items Given to Food Bank

10-12 jbo ash food bankASHLAND, Ore. – The Ashland Food Bank is restocking its shelves with thousands of pounds of food as the colder months approach.

About 18,000-19,000 pounds of canned goods, cereal, hygiene items, and other supplies were collected at the food bank Saturday afternoon.

Before that the shelves had been nearly empty thanks to a 25% growth in demand for food.

The manager of the food bank says that demand has stretched their supplies, and could grow even more through the winter.

“This is not the time of year where we would expect demand to diminish,” said Food Bank Manager Pam Marsh. “This is actually the time of year now that we’re going into, with the holiday season, when we would expect even more people to need help. So it’s a little scary.”

The food bank currently serves around 600,000 households each month. Those who wish to donate can do so anytime at the food bank’s drop box.