Third Friday Event In Medford

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Third Friday is underway in Medford. This night’s theme is March Madness. From now until 8 p.m., kids at Vogel Plaza will be treated to a free throw competition, plus plenty of other attractions for people of all ages. It’s part of a regular event to revitalize the downtown area.

In addition to the March Madness free throw competition, artwork from local students has been put on display, and businesses will be keeping their doors open late. The Third Friday Event is part of a larger urban renewal and re-branding effort to give the downtown area soon to be known as metro Medford a much needed boost.

Diane Raymond, executive director of the Heart of Medford Association that founded the event, says the goal is to make the main street area a place to hang out, eat and shop. She says it’s inspired by a wave of similar projects around the country.

What we’re seeing is that across the country, people want an area to come to. A downtown where it’s about shared experience. Diane Raymond, the Executive Director of the Heart of Medford.

Many of the shops along main street will keep their doors open throughout much of the night. The idea is to boost business, and also make them part of the draw. Heart of Medford is also planning other events to take advantage of the warm weather to come. Look out for art events, live music, and other attractions downtown starting in April and going throughout the summer.