Fake Weapon Used in Robbery

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Two men are now behind bars facing robbery charges after they pulled a fake gun on a store owner last night.  The hold-up took place at Stewart Market on the corner of Stewart Ave. and Lozier Lane in South Medford.

The owner of Stewart Market, Gary Sarkaria, said just after 8 p.m. last night, two masked men walked into his store. One of them was holding what appeared to be a gun, and pointed the object at the owner’s face and demanded money.

The suspects were only there for a minute though, right after they demanded money they lowered their weapon and ran away.  The owner said he thinks the suspects got scared because there were other people in the market shopping at the time.

The owner quickly dialed 911 after the suspects fled the store.  Police searched and located the two suspects walking away from the scene, and it was then they realized the gun used in the holdup was fake.

“The three suspects we believed were involved in this crime are in custody, or we know who they are,” said Sgt. Parks with the Medford Police Department.

Two of the suspects were arrested and are facing robbery charges.  They are currently being held in the Jackson County Jail.  Police will not release the whereabouts of the third suspect at this time.

Police are keeping the suspects identifications confidential as well. The investigation is still on-going.