Thieves Target Family’s Craigslist Ad

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WHITE CITY, Ore. — As the final boxes were moved out of Oscar Millan’s home, he was still hard at work checking chores off a to-do list.

“We’re moving into a smaller house, we’re moving in with my stepsister because my mom has cancer and it’s just me and her here so we’re all going to help her out,” said Millian.

When some items were left over from a moving sale, he and his mother posted an ad on Craigslist saying the remaining items were free and available at the end of the driveway. When he came back from a shift at work, he discovered someone picked up more than just the free items.

“We found all of this stuff gone, ladders, carts and dollys to move the stuff. I was pretty angry and couldn’t believe it,” said Millian.

The thieves also dumped some trash into the front lawn to make room for their new belongings. Luckily for Millian, some neighbors took note.

“They told us that they had seen him and they told us who they were because they were talking,” said Millian.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s office took it from there and arrested two suspects and recovered the majority of the items taken.

Millan says he is glad to have this behind him.

“We actually sold and got money for it so that’s going to help a lot for my mom,” said Millian.