The Warmest Days of the Year Ahead

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It has been a beautiful day in the Rogue Valley this Sunday. Morning lows were chilly in the mid to upper 30’s. However, highs this afternoon are in the low 70’s.

A weak weather front will bring slightly cooler air east of the Cascades, while a Chetco (Brooking’s) Effect will develop with the down-sloping winds coming from the northeast. Thus, Klamath Falls will be slight cooler and breezy on Monday, while Medford and especially Brookings will be warmer.

We call the warm-up in Brookings a “Thermal Low”, which means that there is low pressure at the surface and more atmosphere over a given location. The deeper the atmosphere is, the warmer the temperatures become.

This “Thermal Low” will pivot to the east, and reside over the Rogue Valley Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday; bringing the warmest temperatures of the season. And, likely several days at or slightly above 80.

There will be plenty of sunshine through the middle of the week, but some clouds, cooler temperatures and some Coastal showers will develop late in the week and next weekend.

Join me at 11 PM on NewsWatch 12 for more information on the nice spring weather. I’ll be providing information on the sky condition possibilities for the Lyrid Meteor shower, that is expected to reach its peak tonight (with as many as 12 meteor’s per hour), possibly more.