The Warm, Before The Storm(s)

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High pressure over the region today brought temperatures up by 8 to 12 degrees, under a mix of clouds and sunshine. We will see temperatures climb another 5 to 10 degrees on Wednesday, ahead of a series of storms that will impact Southern Oregon and Northern California. I call it, “The Warm, Before The Storm).

Highs will jump into the mid and upper 70’s, with the possibility of a location or two reaching close to 80. However, high clouds will increase in the afternoon, so the mix of clouds and sunshine that will start the day, may end up more overcast by sunset time.

The first storm will drop several inches of rain in the Coastal areas and Coastal Mountains of Curry County, and moderate rainfall over the Illinois, Western Rogue Valley, Southern Douglas County and parts of the Cascades and Siskiyous.

The Eastern Rogue Valley, especially from Ashland to Medford, Central Point to Gold Hill and over to Eagle Point, lower amounts of precipitation is expected, due to the rain shadowing effect of the Siskiyous.

Several additional storms will follow. One late Friday and another on Sunday Morning. Each will bring heavy to moderate precipitation to the Coast and inland over Grants Pass and into the Cascades, with rain shadowing effects over Medford. Much cooler temperatures will result in a snow level on Sunday of 3,000 to 3,500 feet (and thus some mountain passes will have winter driving conditions). Drier and warmer conditions are projected later Monday and Tuesday.