The “Unaffordable” Affordable Care Act

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Millions of previously uninsured Americans are now receiving coverage through The Affordable Care Act.  The new plan going into place does cover more, but it’s also costing more.  Sherri McNeely recently became insured, but she is now paying more to go to the doctor than she did before.

“About $150 at least… plus your medications… if he gives me medications, I’m going to have to pay for my prescription too so probably another $50 or $60 for that,” said McNeely.

Before becoming insured McNeely just paid out of pocket, but now she’s paying the same amount as she did before.  However, she’s also paying monthly premium on top of that for her government-mandated insurance.

“You’re just your stuck… I don’t think it’s called The Affordable Care Act… it should be called the Unaffordable Care Act,” said McNeely.

According Larry Boeck, an insurance broker with Boeck & Associates Inc, everyone who was preciously uninsured is having to pay more now because they are having to pay the additional expense of insurance.  He said insurance premiums for everyone are going up, as The Affordable Care Act goes into place.  This is because insurance agencies must accept everyone.  They cannot pick and choose based on medical history like they could before.   In Oregon, premiums are increasing anywhere from 35 to 38 percent because of the coverage The Affordable Care Act requires.

“There’s some really good benefits it puts in there, but what they are finding out are those costs are going up, and that’s what’s making it less affordable to a lot of people,” said insurance broker Larry Boeck.

Even for one privately insured person, like McNeely, a minimum coverage plan equivalent to hers costs hundreds of dollars a month, and those under the plan must pay a $5000 deductible before their insurance kicks in.

“We will never meet that unless we go to the doctor frequently, which you have to have money to do that… so it doesn’t really help you a lot,” said McNeely.

McNeely does get subsidies that brought the cost of her insurance plan down, but she’s still paying $300 a month, and that’s a payment she didn’t have to pay before The Affordable Care Act went into effect.


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  1. Mike Callahan says:

    This is nothing more than catastrophic insurance at PREMIUM pricing. Wonderful

  2. Mark says:

    Who knows what reality is? I have been uninsured for past last two years because couldn’t afford what I was facing having pre-existing medical issues. My insurance that I just applied for is half the price than what I was previously offered before reform kicked in. This was direct with an insurance company without going through Cover Oregon.

  3. Barbara Hubbard says:

    There is also a Federal Tax being added to insurance policies, that seems to be over looked by the media.

  4. joy says:

    I agree with her because I did not have insurance either. yes it is a good idea for everyone to have it but now I have another bill to pay that is high priced and am barley making it as it is. Yes I do work full time and go to school full time, I have a mortgage to pay which has gone up along with home owners insurance. property taxes, home warranty and service fees but my wage strays the same.

    I dont think it is right that the president and all the others get to keep their insurance and don’t pay a dime.. Raise everything for us and force us into this plan to help pay your luxuries bull crap….

  5. Mike says:

    Here’s something else everyone needs to be aware of !!!
    If you qualify for Oregon Health Plan… The state is taking back every dime they spend on you when you die. Unless your spouse is still alive, Then they wait for her to die. Look it up, Oregon health plan handbook, Page 60.

    If you qualify for the Oregon health plan when you visit the Obamacare web site, it will steer you right back to the Oregon health plan without any other options. Forcing people to accept it whether they want it or not.

    And… I have always been told that the reason medical costs are so high was because there were so many uninsured and that drove the prices up. If everyone is now being mandated to have insurance, doesn’t that eliminate that excuse? Health costs should be dropping like a rock. Right?

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