The Smoke is Here to Stay

Fire Information

NEAR MERLIN, Ore. — Fire officials say despite the amount of expertise assigned to these fires, we will likely be feeling the effects for quite a while.

Experts say while fire behavior is influenced by changes in humidity and winds, nothing short of an extended period of rain would have a long term impact.

They say they aren’t counting on that, but what they are hoping for is a break in visibility so they can get in more air support. With conditions the way they are, flames are expected to be around for at least a couple of months.

“The fuels are extremely dry, and only a major weather event of long duration is order to change that,” Jim Whittington with the Type One Incident Management Team said. “It’s just not in the forecast, it’s just not coming.”

Officials say the last time conditions were like this was the Biscuit Fire of 2002. In that case, the fire burned until December.