The Heat Waves Continues!

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The heat wave is going to continue into the second half of the weekend and also into next week. Temperatures this afternoon were hot, but all areas in managed to stay under record highs. The days likely to approach, tie and break record highs will be Monday & Tuesday. Triple digit highs are expected Sunday in the inland valleys.

With high pressure continuing to build, and also move north from the Four Corners to the Great Basin, the thunderstorm threat will increase. Although this will allow for moisture levels to drop, the increased convection is going to allow for late afternoon sprinkles and isolated to scattered thunderstorms into the holiday.

With that being said, the fire danger is going to increase. Dry conditions, low humidities, and low fuel moistures will make for hazardous conditions–especially with fireworks. Officials are strongly urging the public to refrain from fireworks this holiday, and also to be extremely careful camping and spending time outdoors.

Some tips to beat the heat — stay in the shade, limit outdoor activity to the mornings and evenings, stay hydrated, wear light weight & color clothing, and lastly, don’t leave pets or children in vehicles.

Safe travels for the holiday and stay cool!

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese