The Heat Is On

As we head into the hot weekend and the threat of thunderstorms increasing, keep in mind fire danger level remains at high.

Today marks the start of the heat up as we head into the weekend.  Some areas in northern California will be in the 100s today while a few areas in the valleys could even reach the century mark. Tomorrow will end the almost two year trend with no 100 degree days in Medford, and it looks like were going to be well above 100 with temperatures up to 105 possible.  We’ll be hot through the weekend before we see temperatures drop back down to more seasonable next week.

We’ll continue to see clear skies today and most of tomorrow before the monsoon moisture makes it into our region late Saturday bringing in more clouds and the chance for thunderstorms.  The best chance for thunderstorms on Saturday is going to be in northern California, especially along the Siskiyou Mountains.  The storms on Saturday also have a better chance at producing dry lightning before more moisture makes it into our atmosphere from the southwest.

On Sunday we’ll see the chance for thunderstorms increase as well as the area.  Besides the coast the threat of thunderstorms exists across the area.  Although any storms that develop on Sunday will produce more rain, storms will move quickly so the rain will not have the chance to soak up the extrememly dry ground.  We could see strong winds in thunderstorms making the chance for any fires that ignite to spread quickly.  Small hail is also a possibility within storms.  Keep fire safety in mind this weekend.  With this extreme heat also remember your own safety by staying hydrated and staying cool.

Due to the chance for thunderstorms the National Weather Service has issued a Fire Weather Watch over most of the area and may issue a Red Flag Warning later this weekend.

Want to plan a trip this weekend?  I suggest heading to the coast because while the rest of the area will see warming temperatures and thunderstorm chances, the coast will be see a cooling trend as the winds shift from offshore to onshore flow.  The nice ocean breeze will keep the coast cooler this weekend than what they saw this week.  You won’t even find much relief in the mountains as even Crater Lake is expected to get into the mid-80s tomorrow.  If you’re camping this weekend, keep in mind that lightning could ignite fires that could grow quickly.

Drink plenty of clear liquids this weekend, get your electrolytes, and eat smaller meals to keep cool.  Avoid the heat of the day, apply sunscreen and wear light loose clothing. Don’t leave kids or pets in parked cars.  And remember if you hear thunder roar, head indoors.

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Have a great weekend and stay cool out there!

Meteorologist Megan Parry