The Grubbs Investigation: 2 Years Later

David Grubbs Murder Memorial ASHLAND, Ore. — Today marks the two year anniversary of the brutal murder of David Grubbs. Grubbs is the young man who was murdered while walking home along the Ashland bike path on November 19, 2011.

Police are still actively investigating any tips or leads they get, but nothing has turned up so far. Grubb’s body was found along a stretch of bike way in Ashland. Police say Grubbs was almost decapitated when they found him.

Over the past two years, after looking through roughly 70 to 80 weapons that resemble a possible murder weapon, police say they are still no closer to a lead in the case.

“There’s not a whole lot besides reviewing the information we have so until information comes in that we can act on. Just reviewing information is what we are doing right now,” said Ashland Police Deputy Corey Falls.

Police say any tips they receive they will continue to look into and follow-up on.