The Greenery Holds Open House Tours

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PHOENIX, Ore. – The Greenery in Phoenix opened its doors to community members, despite the fact that it is still banned from dispensing marijuana.

The business is still closed as a medical marijuana facility due to a moratorium and court injunction from the city of Phoenix.

The Greenery’s owner, Andrea Adams, said they are opening their doors to non-patients to show them what a dispensary in town will look like when the moratorium eventually expires.

“Dispensaries are going to become an integrated part of communities, and we may see recreational cannabis coming into our communities at some point in the future,” said Adams. “I think it’s really important for people to get educated on medical marijuana now.”

The open house, went from 5-9:00 Tuesday night, and offers tours with no marijuana behind the counters.

It also included a series of lectures on how dispensaries operate, why they are needed, and how to apply to become a patient.

Adams also said that medical marijuana dispensaries are a good way for cities to transition for if recreational marijuana should become legal in Oregon.