The Greenery Gets State Approval

5-28 jbo greeneryPHOENIX, Ore. – Phoenix medical marijuana facility The Greenery is now approved by the state to open a dispensary. But city laws mean they still may have to close their doors.

The issue is soon to get settled in court.

The Greenery just received their provisional license from the state yesterday in the mail. That means their application passed and they meet the regulations the law. But they still need approval from the city, which right now, has a moratorium in place.

The Greenery’s doors are currently open, despite the city asking them to close earlier this month. Right now the city has a temporary injunction against them, with a court date set for June 9th.

Andrea Adams, the organization’s Executive Director, says she hopes the provisional license will validate her cause.

She also says she plans to continue battling in court regardless of the outcome in June.

“If somehow we have to close our doors, that won’t be enough for us to stop fighting,” said Adams.

Meanwhile city leaders say their case is similar to that of Medford, which won their injunction against Mary Jane’s Basement earlier this year.

“There’s really nothing that is on the side of them operating right now,” said Phoenix Mayor Jeff Bellah.

City leaders say the court date has not been finalized by both sides, but if it gets pushed back they’ll seek an emergency injunction to try and close the facility immediately. That emergency injunction would be filed under the argument that The Greenery is doing harm to the city by remaining open.

Meanwhile The Greenery will continue to stay open until their court date. They also say they’ll continue with the state compliance and inspection process in order to get approved for final licensure.


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  1. April420 says:

    Why are these so-called ‘city leaders’ steeped in such fear about a plant? To what purpose are they acting like reactionary prohibitionists? Individual towns have no place in going against the *will of the people.* THINK RECALL!!

    1. Klamath says:

      Chances are that the local government leaders are involved with the Illegal sales of weed, and if they let a legal store open… then that hurts their tax free money tree!

  2. standUP says:

    Mayor Bellah is humoring himself.. He was there when the people of Phoenix told the council time and time again that they WANT safe-access in their city. The state of Oregon has already created a registry program because they know that most cardholders rely on medical marijuana facilities. And if I may quote President Obama during an interview on March 22, 2008 with Gary Nelson, editor for the Mail Tribune:

    “What I’m not going to be doing is using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue simply because I want folks to be investigating violent crimes and potential terrorism. We’ve got a lot of things for our law enforcement officers to deal with.”

    So WHY is the council fighting this so hard? If you’re not representing the people of Phoenix, the state of Oregon, OR the federal government… then who ARE you representing?

    THESE are the reasons why the Greenery will ultimately win this fight.

    Nobody wants patients to be left to find their legitimate medicine on the black market, except drug-dealers and cartels!! Again, I ask the council WHO ARE YOU REPRESENTING?

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