The Fate of Roller Odyssey

Roller OdysseyMEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford Roller Odyssey is set to close its doors in early April, but now one man is coming forward trying to keep it open.

A southern Oregon businessman wants to buy the property and the roller rink. He is choosing remaining anonymous for now because he said he still needs to talk with the property owners and work out the financial plan.  However, if an agreement is reached, skaters will be able to keep lacing up their skates and hitting the rink.

Parents and kids were at the rink taking their final laps on Wednesday afternoon.  Many of them said they are disappointed to see the rink close after being in business for nearly 40 years.

“It’s safe, it’s fun… it has all the elements you want to have… it has exercises involved… it has fun excitement, entertainment, and you know it’s just a great place… so you know it’s really sad to see that we are going to lose it, and I hope we don’t,” said mother Charmaine Carnes.  “I hope there is something we can do.”

The current owners of Roller Odyssey said they have to close because the land owners want to raise the rent, and they cannot afford the increase.