The Cost of School Security

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SHADY COVE, Ore. — As the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office installs a new, high-tech security system into Shady Cove School, the district is trying to find ways to get that expensive system installed in the rest of its schools.

As reported on Monday, the sheriff’s office installed the security measures into Shady Cove School, and they also covered the entire $100,000 tab with drug forfeiture money. The sheriff is only paying for the one school and now the district is looking into how to pay for the system at its other 8 schools.

The technology allows teachers to push a panic button, which activates cameras in the classroom and links the school directly to the sheriff’s office. It also gives officers the ability to remotely lock doors and communicate with students and staff during an emergency.

Shady Cove School is one of the smaller schools in the district, and Superintendent Cynda Rickert says the cost will likely be higher for other schools. She says the district will work with the school board and budget committee to roll out the system one school at a time over a period of several years.

Right now, there are no current plans to install the system at any other schools. Rickert also says the district will be looking at how the security technology works at Shady Cove, to decide if they will want to add or remove elements in future schools.

That school security technology is based on another system that links communication between law enforcement. Sheriff Winters hopes the project at Shady Cove is the first step toward connecting agencies along the west coast.

The system is designed by a technology company from Los Angeles called “Future Concepts.” The company has developed tools to allow officers from different agencies to share real-time information.