Thanksgiving Dinner Served to Seniors

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Thanksgiving may still be a few days away, but right now Ashland firefighters are serving up turkey with all the fixings to local seniors. Dozens of Ashland seniors have turned out to the Ashland senior center for a Thanksgiving meal prepared by local firefighters.

The ham was carved and the pumpkin pie was sliced as more than seniors enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner served by the Ashland Fire Department. This is the third year the fire department has put on the dinner and this year came with a gift to the senior center.

The Ashland Firefighters Charitable Fund is presenting an automated external defibrillator. The life saving device is something senior center officials have been trying to budget for several years, but just haven’t had the money.

“We have felt a need for that for a couple of years, we’ve had people we’ve wished we had it for before and training for it as well and we’re looking forward to having it,” said Dorothy Parsons at the Ashland Senior Center.

Seniors say they feel it is a great gift and will helps seniors feel safer while they do daily activities at the center. In total, 6 turkeys, 2 hams and more than 50 pounds of potatoes were served at Monday night’s dinner.