Terminally Ill Man Does Stand-Up Comedy

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Alan “Rosey” Rosenberg was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year. He was given just six months to live without treatment, and one to two years to live with chemotherapy. Rosenberg chose to do the chemo, but has since finished his treatment.

In the wake of his diagnosis, Rosenberg decided to start a comedy stand up act called “Rosey’s Last Stand-Up.” In the show, Rosenberg sheds light on the idea of death and dying, and more importantly, living life to the fullest.

“Even my impending death, no matter if it’s days or weeks, or moments. It’s not now. Now I’m alive, and if that’s the message that people would feel moved by then that’s why I’m here,” said Rosenberg.

Rosenberg’s next show will be on Monday night at The Oregon Shakespeare Festivals Carpenter Hall on Monday, April 21, at 7:30.

Tickets are 10 dollars at the door and proceeds go to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank.