Temporary Detours At Ashland Community Hospital

By Steven Sandberg

ASHLAND, Ore. — Big changes at one Southern Oregon hospital will mean some adjustment for emergency room patients. The sign is covered up and arrows point the way to a different entrance of the emergency department at Ashland Community Hospital. For the next few weeks, patients are going to have to take a little bit of a detour.

Signs both inside and outside send patients to a temporary entrance and location for the hospital emergency department. The hospital is renovating the space for the first time in 20 years; improving rooms, reorganizing the office, and putting on fresh paint and new floors.

Hospital officials say the area had begun to feel dated and the renovations are being done to improve the overall patient experience, but the plans are also being done to streamline the emergency room process; it will speed up treatment and get patients where they need to be, faster.

Hospital officials say the temporary location will not have any impact on patient care. The space is just down the hall from its normal location, and doctors will be available as normal. All of the work on the new emergency department should be finished by July.