Temperatures Continue to Climb

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Several locations across the viewing area today hit the triple digits, and many tied or broke records. Some of the records were set almost 100 years ago! This gives you a good idea of the strength of this high pressure air mass in place over the West. Afternoon highs will continue to climb into this week. The warmest day will most likely be on Tuesday, however Happy Camp is forecasted to hit 110 by Wednesday.

The chance for thunderstorms is going to increase into Tuesday. For the start of the week, the main threat will be over Lake County but this threat rises and spreads to the Mountains and valleys for the remainder of the week. The thunderstorms will most likely drop little precipitation, and with the dry conditions already in place, fire weather is going to become a third.

With the 4th of July nearing, officials are strongly urging Oregonians to refrain from using fireworks this holiday. As temperatures climb, the bulk of the moisture is going to move North, reducing humidities and fuel moistures. For this reason cigarettes, campfires and any outdoor recreational activities in general should be handled very carefully.

Safe travels and stay cool!

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese