Teens Stranded by Greyhound

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MEDFORD, Ore., — Two teens were left stranded in an unfamiliar place by a big name bus company.

A pair of Eugene parents says Greyhound left their kids to fend for themselves, after the company overbooked their bus.

The situation probably sounds a nightmare all parents have had. Adam and June Kinch say they had sent their kids down to Medford via Greyhound bus for a weeklong camp with no problem. Coming back was another story.

The family says camp staff ended their post-camp meeting early to make sure 16-year-old Spencer and 14-year-old Rose Kinch could catch their bus on time.

After getting them all checked in at the station, camp staff took off, only to find out hours later that the the bus had been overbooked and the kids would have to wait until the next one at 1 a.m. The original bus was at 4 p.m. that afternoon.

The kids were also told to wait outside alone in the summer heat because the station closed down between buses.

The Kinches didn’t know anyone in Medford and were forced to drive down to Medford and back that same day, completely frustrated by what staff members were telling them.

“He said, ‘You know, this isn’t the first time this has happened. This actually just happened with the morning bus,’ and he apologized but said that there’s nothing that could be done,” said June Kinch. “Greyhound rep says ‘our system is not designed for this to happen. We do work with a fixed-capacity model, so we don’t oversell our buses,’ and that’s exactly why we are investigating this situation to get to the bottom of things,”

Originally, station staff told the Kinches that they couldn’t even get their tickets refunded. But since we interviewed the family, Greyhound’s corporate office has offered to provide full refunds as well as compensation for the trip down and back to Medford from Eugene. It says the children should have been provided other alternatives and that there is no prioritization of tickets.


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  1. Been There says:

    It happened to me as well. I had purchased a round trip bus ticket but had to change buses in Sacremento. When we got there at 1am we were told to go get in a line that was completely through the station. Those who had bought tickets prior to our arrival were in line first and got seats before those of us who were transferring. They do oversell on a regular basis. Those that did not make the bus were forced to wait until 8am the next day for the bus. Luckily I got one of the last seats but the people in line behind me were out of luck, and they were all holding tickets. In the fine print on your ticket it clearly states that a paid ticket does not guarantee a seat. Now I travel Amtrak.

  2. nicki says:

    There are a whole load of adults that let those 2 children down.
    Their parents, I would not have been putting them on the bus in Eugene to begin with.,]
    The Eugene Greyhound personnel that let them on to go to Medford.
    The Camp personnel that did not stay with them to make sure they boarded the bus. or even
    could board the bus.
    Too many BUSY people that should have taken a minute to think.
    It is lucky the kids were hurt, lost or taken

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