Teen Driver Safety Week Set to Kickoff

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MEDFORD, Ore. — When teenagers get their license and hit the road, they may think of it as freedom but police want them to think of it as responsibility.  17-year-old Christian Bacan says he’s been driving for 2 years now but it isn’t as easy as it looks.

“It feels kind of scary because you don’t have that much experience,” said Bacan.

Sunday marks the beginning of National Teen Driver Safety Week and police hope young drivers will take a moment to make sure they are focused on the road.

“With teen drivers especially this week, we’re trying to create the awareness, have them remember that when they get behind the wheel of a car that they’re taking on a tremendous responsibility,” said Medford Police Sgt. Kerry Curtis.

Oregon does have laws aimed at eliminating distractions for teenage drivers.

“There are laws in place, especially for the first year of driving, that restricts the times that teenagers can drive and the number of occupants that they can have in their car at a given time,” said Sgt. Curtis.

Bacan says he is always cautious when he drives and tries to keep a close eye on his speed.

“I feel kind of nervous when you’re driving because you just think how fast am I going and you’re always checking that out,” said Bacan.