Teen Accused of Starting Cocos Fire

cocos fire teenSAN MARCOS, Calif. — The 13-year old accused of setting a wildfire in California that destroyed dozens of homes has been declared mentally fit to stand trial.

Police say she is being charged in connection with the “Cocos Fire” that quickly burned through San Marcos. Her attorney has entered ‘not guilty’ pleas on her behalf, on four felony counts of arson, including one count of arson from the day before the fire started. Officials say the girl’s parents could be held responsible for her restitution.

Shawnalyse Ochoa, Deputy District Attorney explains, “That is a legal requirement in order to give notice to the family that if there is restitution they may potentially be liable for restitution.”

If the 13-year old is found guilty on all counts, she could face the equivalent of her age behind bars.