Teachers Rally in Medford

BfauzjuCUAAXGFkMEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford Education Association says the last thing they want to do is strike, they say it’s up to the district to bring forth a suitable counter proposal to Tuesday’s meeting.

Medford teachers held another informational picketing session today. This time it took place on the corner of Riverside and Crater Lake Highway.

More than 200 picketers attended the event. This is the last weekend they will picket before the possible strike next week.

On Saturday, the MEA bargaining committee met to discuss their final proposal; that meeting lasted for four hours. The MEA says there is no single sticking point in the contract it’s a little bit of everything.

“It’s financials and working conditions, it’s all the remaining articles, it’s everything still on the table,” explained President of the Medford Education Association, Cheryl Lashley.

The final bargaining session between the district and the MEA is scheduled for this Tuesday.


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  1. edith says:

    I think these teachers need to go back and teach the kids. they make more money then most of us do. Teachers try to work for only 9.10 an hour. like most of us. Have the time the kids are not in school anyway. Grow up and get back to work.

    1. Maryl says:

      I think that if you actually looked into what the teachers make for how many hours they actually work you would see that they do not make close to what they should be. Aside from that, money isn’t even the whole issue here. It is that the district has hired a lawyer group that is known for breaking up unions and has hardly been willing to negotiate with good faith. There are many reasons that we should be supporting teachers, the fact that they are the ones serving our community to educate our children is only one of them. They have one of the most complex, demanding jobs and we should be thanking them for their service. Why don’t you talk to a teacher and ask him or her why they are striking, before you cast aspersions. I think you would find the reasons compelling and hardly about money.

      1. Jeannie says:

        Very well said Marl. I agree 100%with you!

      2. daniel k says:

        Hello fellow parents. The burden of a strike on the family is multilayered from financial, witch is the case with most families who both work like mine.And the emotional side witch is just as obvious and so far for my family more concerning, trying to explain to an 8 year old that because there is so many hands in the cookie jar that by the time the administrators an principles and street paving and drug rehabilitation and food stamps for people in drug rehab……That by the time those individuals are paid in full with emergency funds..just in case.That are loved and respected,trusted,revered teachers of are future!!!!! get treated like second class citizens. there is a reason why are education system in america gets a c-. poorly structured itinerary, and funding are prisons like a vegas strip, and are teachers and schools like there .05on a top ten list of the most important thing”s imaginable. i have one in K and one in 2 and they love school . pay your teachers people!!! ad a sales tax, do whatever it takes to support those who support you.

    2. Uh oh says:


      Medford teachers teach students better grammar than you learned… “Have” is not “Half” and you should always begin a sentence with a capital letter. in addition, dollar amounts should use the correct denomination sign ($) and you should not begin a sentence with a directional verb (i.e. Should).

      Its a shame you did not listen to those greedy teachers while you availed yourself of your free education. You did not make the most of their generosity. Please do not comment with such poor grammar, as it does not increase your argument for the further degradation of our public schools.

      1. Jeff S. says:

        No education is “Free”, TAXPAYERS foot the bill. This entire country is on hard times and ALL have had to make sacrifices. The private sector is not handing out large raises and pensions, they are actually cutting them.

        If the teachers were actually doing this” for the kids”, they would have striked to ensure Common Core didn’t make it into the curriculum.

        Unions should not be allowed into jobs that are paid for with TAXPAYER money. There is enough corruption and waste without them.

  2. Gilles says:

    I support teachers, and I believe they have been offered a fair contract. Yes they work hard, they have difficult jobs, dealing with students, parents, other teachers, principals, and more. I also think teacher planning periods should be left open for the teachers to plan, and not taken over by “team building”, or “training”, or meetings with principals. That should be handled during so called “in service days.” Remember those? I also think the compensation package offered by the district is nothing to scoff at. A 12% raise over three years plus a 3.4% every year for the first 14 years is actually unbelievable. How the district can even afford that is beyond me. But what is even more unbelievable is that the union rejects this offer. Plus the district is offering to pay $1050 per month for health insurance while the employee only has to pay $77 per month and have a deductible of only $500 is also amazing. That is a steal. Who would turn that down? Then, the fact that there still are pensions offered is surprising, but that the district would pay 19% is outstanding. My employer only pays 2% .Asking the teachers to pay 6% is fair, but for teachers to say it isn’t, is just off base. Their current salaries are competitive with the private sector, but all the benefits offered by the district far out weigh what most private sector employers offer. Also, a lot of us are expected to take some work home now and then, work into the night from time to time, and most of us, teachers included, don’t get overtime. What most of us also don’t get is three months off in the summer, two weeks off at Christmas, and now two weeks off in Spring, plus calender holidays, and some in service days. This package offered by the district seems great to me. I would take it, and I suggest the teachers take it too.

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