Teachers Plan Strike for Next Week

MedfordTeachersMEDFORD, Ore. — Medford teachers are planning a strike for next week. The Medford Education Association (MEA) will be sending the district the official ten-day notice on Monday.

In the notice of intent to strike, the MEA included the following statement, “The Association is urging the Medford School Board to avoid the need for a strike by reaching a fair settlement immediately. The MEA believes it has no choice at this time but to exercise its right to a lawful strike in order to induce the District to agree to a fair settlement.”

“Strikes are awful. They’re stressful. They’re disruptive to our community and to our project and the district needs to come back and solve this,” said Lashley.

Some 600 members of the MEA will make their presence known in public places across the city for the strike. It will impact 12,000 students in three high schools, two middle schools and 14 elementary schools, among other facilities.


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  1. Edwin Kennedy says:

    Looks like congratulations are in order for Kim Wallen and Sally Killen. First Kim demanded the board fire Dr. Long in a recent board meeting thus forcing his resignation which is now called early retirement. Now Sally is refusing to do anything to prevent a strike from happening. As dysfunctional as this board is what quality superintendent would want to lead this district next year. What is next, hiring the chief financial officer Brad Earl as a interim superintendent next year? If so just hope he learned something while bankrupting Harry & David. Think it is about time to let the public know the district DOES have the finances available and another couple million in reserve to head off the impending strike which will be detrimental to both sides involved.

    1. tonysam says:

      Don’t give the board any ideas about Brad Earl being the interim superintendent. His hiring AT ALL at MSD is reason enough to get rid of that board.

  2. Mike Merusi says:

    Hard to sympathize with anyone that has good paying job, excellent benefits, and an excellent retirement/ health plan. I’d do their job for minimum wage…

    1. Lucy says:

      Go for it Mike…you have no clue what teachers do. I think most of the people complaining about teachers would be amazed at how hard their job really is dealing with kids whose parents are so involved in their own lives that they don’t have time to take care of their kids. Nobody is asking for your sympathy, Mike, but they are asking for your respect and they deserve it.

    2. Steelheader says:


      Fire them all and get some new talent in there.

      1. tonysam says:

        Nobody would work for a dysfunctional district like this if you “fired them all.” You have lots and lots of veteran teachers up here–be thankful for that–because the district hasn’t yet engaged in wholesale age discrimination other districts employ. Nobody will do such a difficult and thankless job–and it is MUCH harder than virtually ANY job in private sector, including physical labor–if they aren’t fairly compensated. Stop with the Pew-Arnold propaganda (Arnold, by the way, worked for Enron and wants to get at the public pensions so he can gamble it all away and profit for himself).

    3. tonysam says:

      Nobody is stopping you from going back to school and actually doing the grunt work of getting the training necessary to become a teacher. You have NO clue how absolutely difficult this job is–you just rant because you didn’t stick up for private business pensions when they were being gutted by Wall Street crooks 20 and 25 years ago. Now that you have nothing, you think everybody should be as poor as you. The jealousy you display is completely pathetic.

  3. C says:

    I hate to say it, but I’ve lived in a handful of places in my time and I’ve never seen a place with as many barely literate people as Medford in my life. Maybe if teachers were paid a bit better, they could attract more effective educators and be a little more selective when hiring. They received an additional $8 million, yet extracurricular programs are virtually nonexistent. They put their funds into athletics…while the music, art, and actual learning aspects of school are all but ignored. They can’t afford to pay educators to make sure Medford kids are actually learning what they need to know, but they sure do have some nice football fields for the high schools!

    1. tonysam says:

      It is an extremely backward area. The board seems absolutely incapable of doing its job and apparently has mismanaged the district.

  4. Lolypop says:

    I’m with ya C. I just want the teachers paid a little better and then none of this stuff would be happening. Or not. if you don’t agree with me than leave a reply please. :)

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