Teachers Pack Up Classrooms

teachers pack upMEDFORD, Ore. — Medford teachers are packing up their classrooms on Friday in preparation for a strike.

With less than a week remaining until that strike goes into effect, the 600 members of the MEA began the process of emptying their classrooms. Assuming that strike happens, their last day with their kids will be Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the district is informing parents that all schools will be closed the 6th through the 10th of February, and some will be closed on the 11th, as they prepare substitute teaching staff.

“This is an experience that I’ve never had. I know some of our teachers have been in strikes before, and it’s no fun whatsoever,” said MEA President Cheryl Lashley.

The MEA bargaining team is set to meet Saturday for an all-day session to prepare. The next negotiation session between the two sides is scheduled for Tuesday.