Teachers’ First Day on Strike

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Within an hour of the strike announcement, teachers showed up to the district office with signs in hand. The picketers began early this morning and were expecting to wrap up for the day around 4:30 p.m.

Many of the signs held by teachers outside the district office were made here at the strike office just last night. Teachers NewsWatch12 spoke with in the picket lines said they went to bed hopeful and woke up ready to picket for their cause.

By mid-morning, teachers lined the entire sidewalk surrounding the district office and Central Medford High School. The crowd would occasionally break out in chants supporting their cause and every teacher in the picket line held a sign urging for a new contract that would meet their standards.

Horns of cars driving by could be heard seemingly constantly in support of the teachers, however occasionally a passerby would give a thumbs down to the demonstrators.

Teachers could be heard day-dreaming about what they would typically be doing with their students at various times during the day and a messaged echoed over and over was the need to get back into the classroom for the students’ sake.

“Hopefully this will end as soon as possible. The district has the ability to end this right now, and we all would rather be in our classrooms,” said Picket Captain Sara Major.

Community members also turned out, some standing side by side with teachers, others just dropping off coffee or snacks to keep the teachers going.


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  1. Christine says:

    I have 2 kids in this district they want their teachers back..give them what they want.also my oldest on behalf of my oldest the rest of her game season has been forfeited because of strike Not Fair to the kids …..the teachers deserve what they are asking for.. They teach our future….

  2. jim says:

    when I was young, teacher taught because it was a choosen profestion not all about the money they are using the kids as a tools to get what they want. they just want us tax payer taxes to go up so they can get there retirement sickday,holiday ect. paid the normal working people don’t get all that we don’t get raises because of the price of living goes up our bosses the middle class are having a hard enough time to just keep us working and we do not complaim the teacher are just greedy

    1. Tracee says:

      Well I certainly don’t want you teaching my children anything, you can’t even spell profession. These teachers go to school and have student debt they have to pay back and they continue their education throughout their career. Teachers become teachers because they are passionate about the future of our kids! The teachers are not greedy, the school board promised them a few years ago, when they voluntarily took a pay cut, that when they got their budget back the teachers would get the raises they should have gotten then. The school board has a habit of going back on their word. A lot of these teachers also have children in the Medford School District, do you really think they wanted to strike?

      SUPPORT MEDFORD TEACHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Santa clause says:

    Amen Jim!!! These teachers get 3 months off ,, benefits and weekends off and they still whine! People that have jobs with no benifits are just happy for the work . Why don’t they report on the people that oppose the greedy teachers??? But then again, it’s the society and liberal state that we are in. They always think people owe them something.

  4. Santa clause says:

    If you work for a company and they promise you a raise and then they don’t give it to you, what do you do? You either except it or you go get a job some where else. Yes, they are greedy and people should not support teachers that are just in it for the money and are always wanting more and will never be satisfied.
    Say no to greed!!

    1. Support medford teachers says:

      Yes Santa everyone knows that people go into teaching for the money. Most teachers I know tend to put in 60 hour work weeks with the planning that they do, spend lunches with students who need help, respond at all hours to parent e-mails. Not to mention the increasing risks of school shootings. Their education is Masters level, so in Oregon they have spent approximately $110,000 minimum so they can teach 34 students per class period (and that is a low-ball number). Those greedy *&$#. Even if they are only put in 50 hours a week, for 42 weeks, and are paid $42,000 a year they are raking in the cash at $20 an hour. Why don’t they retire early on that? I mean, no one pays $20 and hour for daycare, right? If we gout our daycare REALLY cheap, we are only paying $3 an hour! So $3 an hour, 30 kids, 6 hours teaching time a day, 42 weeks, that only comes up too…um…just over $113,000. That sounds more like what a person who we are entrusting our kids with and has a Masters level education should be getting. I mean we pay Nurses a minimum of $25 an hour, and they only have a Bachelors degree, or an Associates. Sigh…Support our teachers, because they are doing the best they can to teach the children to be better people than we are.

      1. Santa clause says:

        Bo ho!

        1. Support medford teachers says:

          Very coherent well thought out response Santa, I don’t know how I will possibly respond to such an argument

  5. rebel says:

    well I agree with jim ,teacher are greedy they complain that 100,000.00 a year is not enough give me a break ,most of us have to live on 30,000.00 or less and now they want us to pay for health insurance that we can’t afford

  6. garbo says:

    What does it mean that the people who don’t support teachers here can’t write, spell or formulate a coherent or original thought?

    1. Dean says:

      It doesn’t mean anything. I dropped out in the 11th grade so I can’t have an opinion? I still have kids in school who need an education. These teachers aren’t teaching me or anyone else who is commenting on these articles. I’ve read this same comment on the other articles so what was that about original thought? I don’t support the teachers on this but at least I’m not an arrogant , discriminating , garbage thrower. Is that what garbo stands for?

  7. Lucy says:

    Santa and Jim have no clue what they are talking about. They accepted the “raise” the district proposed last night and made other concessions to avoid a strike. The district said no. The district even went back and decided not to accept items in the contract they had previously agreed on. The district will not negotiate. The board needs to be recalled because they are out to destroy the district. Santa and Jim need to actually investigate on their own. They will find that the teachers are not greedy.

    1. Santa clause says:

      So if u work for a company and u want more money or benifits or whatever u are whining about, what do u think the company is going to do?? They will tell you if you do not like it, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!! You act like teachers are so deprived , lol. I have 3 kids in school. Trust me when I say that this liberal state that we live in has teachers that have no fiber of being when they gripe about benifits after receiving health care, 3 months off,, paid holidays. And then you have the others that are just happy to have a job!!

  8. garbo says:

    How come Santa Claus never learned to spell the word “benefits”? I hope his three kids do better in school than he did.

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