Taxi Cabs Take Safety Precautions

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Local cab drivers are taking new safety measures one year after the murder of cab driver Huey Huson.

Some taxi cab drivers say they are scared the suspect could strike again, and are taking precautions.

One driver says he changed his schedule shortly after the murder, and went from working night shifts to day shifts. He says, even though he took a pay cut, he feels safer this way.

Cab companies like G2G are now taking extra steps to keep their drivers safe. G2G Taxi Service has installed hidden cameras in their cabs.

“When they [cab fares] sit down, their picture is taken and put into a database, and if something is to happen to me or another driver, our owners can go look online and see where our ride went and what was happening in the car at that time,” said taxi cab driver Rick Marcello.

They also are letting their drivers carry handguns as long as they have proper training, and carry a permit. A week after the murder, Marcello went and purchased this handgun that he carries on his hip at all times. His cab also has a hidden security camera.

Police say they are still taking tips in the investigation into Huson’s murder. Anyone with information is urged to call Medford Police.