Tattoos for Endangered Species

10-4 jbo tattooGRANTS PASS, Ore. – A tattoo shop in Grants Pass is raising money for endangered species protection through art.

Off the Map Tattoo is holding an art gallery for the next two months, its proceeds go to Wildlife Images.

The gallery features roughly 25 images of endangered animals done by local painters and tattoo artists.

“I think they like giving back to community organizations. It sets apart some stereotypical ideals of tattoos and tattooists in general,” said Manager Jason Shad.

The event will feature a tattoo day on November 10th. People can come in by appointment or walk in and receive a tattoo of an endangered animal, either custom-made or from a selection of four specially chosen for the event. Proceeds from that will also go to Wildlife Images.

Off the Map says they’re encouraging all tattoo shops worldwide to follow their lead and raise money for endangered species.