Tattoo Shop Continues Phat Kat Legacy

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Artists from Medford’s Phat Kat Tattoo are moving on after the death of their beloved, and somewhat controversial, owner.

Southern Oregon Tattoo opened its doors last month just down the street. Three of the artists from Phat Kat helped open the new store, which will feature a permanent dedication to Phat Kat owner Jeff Rahenkamp on the outside.

The shop’s founder says they want to become a totally new venture, while paying respects to Phat Kat and the man he says inspired them.

“You know, Jeff had some big shoes, and that’s not what we’re trying to do with this,” said Southern Oregon Tattoo owner Sam Pelletier. “We’re trying to go our own route, you know keep the same family, but make our own statement.”

Pelletier says he sold everything he owned, including a successful paint company in order to lease the store. He also says he wanted the store to contribute to the community, and wouldn’t have leased it if he couldn’t have placed it downtown.