Task Force Leader Releases Statement


CENTRAL POINT, Ore.– A former head of the Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Task Force is speaking out about an investigation from 2012.

Former Central Point Police Lt. Josh Moulin headed the special task force since it’s inception in 2005. In August 2012 he became the target of an investigation by Oregon State Police and the Oregon Department of Justice.

No agency would comment on the details of the investigation at that time. You can find a full statement from Lt. Moulin about his non-disciplinary paid administrative leave and the investigation by clicking here.


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  1. Franklin says:

    This statement is typical of political lackeys: deny and obfuscate. Nothing constructive was revealed. Why is it so surprising when corrupt psudo-military employees turn on each other? In my opinion, where there’s smoke…..

  2. Wondering says:

    Moulin was under investigation and then placed on leave – his explanation of the charges being related to how he handed equipment over when he was placed on leave begs the question – Why was he under investigation and placed on leave in the first place? There is more than smoke here.

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